What Extra Does ProfDev Max Offer?

What big advantage does software have over my present paper/Excel based system?


Software that is hosted on the web (or as techies like to say:  “in the cloud”) has the enormous advantage of being a shared resource.  This is because lesson observation software allows the Observation record to be available 24/7 to anyone in the organisation who needs it.  And any changes are instantly available to everyone – there is no possibility of copies getting “out of sync”, which can happen with any paper based record.

As an important tool in improving the quality of teaching, learning and assessment classroom observation software allows easy tracking of follow ups.  As we all know, its one thing to make suggestions to staff – but without software how can you check action has been taken?

For a more detailed comparison see our page on the advantages of ProfDev Max over your present Paper or Excel system.

The software is very easy to use with a minimal learning curve – as you can see from the sample tutorial video below:

How to set Action Points in ProfDev Max

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