Effective Feedback for Teacher Observations

effective feedback for teacher observations

I have been giving a lot of thought to the need for effective feedback for teacher observations if observations are to be effective.

Agreement on the purpose, what makes good teaching and learning  and methodology is fundamental to the success of any observation process.  ‘Buy in’ and collaboration from observees are essential  and need to be constantly monitored.

With this in mind how frequently do you ask your staff what they really think of the process which should be all about developing and supporting them?

Asking observees to rate their level of satisfaction to issues such as:

***   The information provided prior the observation process
***   The behaviour/attitude  of the observer during the observation
***   The criteria used to make judgements
***   The encouragement you are given to contribute during the observer’s feedback
***   The observer’s comments/judgements
***   The action points set were agreed, relevant and clearly logged
***   The value of the observation process in helping you to improve your performance

will provide you with the information needed to take appropriate action and make relevant adjustments to improve your observation process.

To reduce the time and administration involved we have streamlined this evaluation process in the latest version of Observation Manager.  Following an observation, observees have the option to give their feedback online.  It takes only a couple of minutes and  the results are captured on the new Evaluation Form for future reference and analysis.

This is just one of Observation Manager’s many features – to view a 3 minute run-through of the program’s main features click here

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