Improving the Quality of Teaching

Software To Help Motivate and Engage Staff

CPD Access 24/7

lesson observation software

We record an individual’s CPD implemented and its effectiveness. And the staff member has their own personal CPD log they can access at any time from anywhere.  Staff Appraisals and meetings with managers are also part of the system.

Help Staff Develop –
With Action Plans & Follow Ups


Set and monitor objectives and action points to show what’s being done and the effectiveness of actions taken to improve the quality of teaching and learning through staff support and training. Compliance is helped by automatic weekly emails listing points requiring follow up.

SHARE Good Practice Easily


Upload video, documents, sound files, images, PowerPoint etc. this lesson observation software makes the sharing of good practice quick and easy

Learning Through Encounter


Don’t let lesson observations become a “black hole” for time. All observation types are recorded online and the “workload” can be spread among all levels of staff. Different levels of access filter what an individual can see and do in the lesson observation software – from Managers and Line Managers to observees.

Determine Strengths & Weaknesses
of Specified Teachers


Up to 30 Key Performance Indicators can be tracked, allowing  for an accurate Risk Band system. Every teacher development app should have this feature.

How Do Staff See
The Observation/Assessment Process?


An Evaluation Form option allows the observee to give their feedback for a lesson
observation. This will help keep all staff on board.

See Results FAST Because
The Software Is Very Easy To Use


ProfDev Max is so easy to use because it uses our Descending Matrix technology. We find that our clients are usually up and running with the program within 30 minutes.



 90 Free Trial. Includes as many staff as you want and hosting on our server.  Try-Before-You-Buy:  we are so confident that this software will meet your needs that we offer a 90 Day FREE TRIAL period.  After your 90 day trial, if you decide to buy, the cost includes: licences for all staff, online & telephone support and hosting by us.

FAST support if you need it


Also included is our fast response email and phone support service, as well as online “context related” help and the option to download a PDF manual. To make sure you get off to a flying start, we will import your teachers’ details and a member of our staff will log on with you to go through the initial setup of users and access levels.

Client Feedback

I have suggested several changes. These have been implemented quickly and now make the programme more tailored to our needs and easier to use. This is our second year using the software. Initially we are using this to record our lesson observations but hope to extend this to include Observation Types for learning walks and work scrutiny.

Liverpool Adult Learning Service

Liverpool Adult Learning Service

Easy access and storage of tutor assessments, observations and action planning. It was great to see the tutor interacting with the comments. I can see immense benefit for gathering tutor feedback on their own development and input to the quality process.

Kent Community Learning And Skills

Kent Community Learning And Skills

A presentation of the software was given to 18 Headteachers in the network group Spelthorne Schools Together and was very well received. If you would like a presentation to your network group or your school/college, please contact us on 01985 844087 .

Spelthorne Schools Together

Spelthorne Schools Together

Schools Network Group

I wanted to thank you for all your support in getting Observation Manager up and running so successfully.

Aspire-igen Ltd

Aspire-igen Ltd

OTLA Officer

Some of our other clients


Key Benefits of Using a Good Teacher Development System

  • Enhanced student outcomes by improving the standard of teachers through feedback on practice.
  • Determining strengths and weaknesses for specific teachers and also taking active steps towards helping them with automated email follow ups.
  • Building teacher understanding of what effective professional learning is.
  • Learning through encounter: teachers who perform observations find out and are influenced by other teachers’ practices.
  • Staff can have their own private CPD section – accessible online 24/7
  • Incorporating peer observations to your professional development framework will reap the benefits of creating a tradition of continual improvement.
  • To make it easy to share observation software data an API should be available to link into your other software seamlessly.
  • The best Teacher Development Software is so easy to use that there is no downtime needed for staff training.
  • An Evaluation Form option allows staff to give their feedback on a lesson observation. This helps managers keep track of how the Observation Process is being seen by staff – very important for all teacher observation programs.