Your questions answered:

Q. Are there different access levels to the program e.g. manager, observer, tutor/teacher?

A. Yes these are fully under your control

Q. Are there any limits to the number of staff that can be added to the system?

A. There are no limits and no extra charges (of any kind)

Q. How soon can I be up and running with ProfDev Max?

A. Usually about 3 days

Q. What can the ProfDev Max run on?

A. Any device with Internet Access—PC’s, Laptops, iPads, iPhones, Android devices etc.

Q. Do you host the program for us?

A. Yes and this is all included in the annual charge of £495

Q. What else is included in the above charge?

A. Licences for all staff, online & telephone support, import of staff details at setup and hosting by us.

Q.  What are the advantages of using ProfDev Max observations compared with paper or Excel based systems?

A.  Please click this link for a Comparison Table

If you have any questions regarding the features of our staff development software or how to buy it, click here for our contact details.

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