7 Tips for RECEIVING Effective Feedback For Teacher Observations

Effective Feedback For Teacher Observations

How prepared are your staff to receive feedback?  Observer training is essential but it is easy to overlook the observee’s needs- feedback is for the recipient not the giver.   Improve the effectiveness of your observations  by making sure your observees  are fully prepared, engaged and motivated by the experience.  This means that they need to know how to get the most from feedback they are given,

Observee -7 Tips To Get The Most From Feedback You Are Given:

1. Don’t forget the purpose of the observation process: to improve your skills.
2. Remember the process is a developmental dialogue between two professionals – both of who should be open to ideas and improvements.
3. Listen carefully and be receptive.
4. Have your say, consider your performance and actively respond to any open questions such as:
‘What do you think you could do to tackle the problem of….’
5. Clarify and check your understanding, feedback needs to be clear in order for it to be helpful.
6. Suggest and agree your next steps, goals etc.
7. Give YOUR feedback on the observation process.  Consider if the process is working for you.  Is it motivating and encouraging self development, making you feel very much part of an improving team?

Effective feedback for teacher observations is a critical component in promoting teacher professional development.

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Effective Feedback for Teacher Observations

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