The Advantages of ProfDev Max Over Your Present System

A Typical Observation Procedure Compared With ProfDev Max

Disadvantages of a Paper Form/Excel Spreadsheet

Benefits of Using ProfDev Max

1. Filed away, not readily available, nor easily shared, easily lost, not always to hand to be reviewed at next observation. If more than one printed copy you can get out of ‘sync’.Quality auditing takes longer as Observation Forms in file.
1. Saved   electronically, readily available for viewing at next observation, updating action plans, appraisals, performance management and quality auditing.

2. Time consuming – grading needs to be manually entered into a chart.
 2. Saves time and avoids errors as no need for double entry.Criteria grades are entered on Observation Form and reports and teachers’ records are automatically updated.

3. Action points need to be maintained and tracked separately.Not an effective method of ensuring timely compliance with action points and updates.
3.  Action points with dates  automatically logged and coloured icons indicate action points completed and overdue. Effective   logging method makes it very easy to demonstrate to Ofsted and other external agencies what actions are being taken to improve standards.

4. if  Ofsted criteria changes forms need to be reprinted.5. Difficulty in producing timely management reports
4. Criteria fully customisable by you for every section of the Observation form

5. Difficulty in producing timely management reports.
5. Timely management reports available at the click of a button.

6. Data not a shared resource and not readily available to all.
6. All involved staff have access to the e-observations 24/7 at home and at work.

7. Cost of paper, ink cartridges staff time etc due to the need to supply paper forms to staff involved.
7. Just  like the cost savings experienced with using e-portfolios our e-observations reduce staff time and save money.

So give your classroom observations & teacher evaluation a boost by implementing the ProfDev Max system – give us a call on 01985 844087 – we can have you up and running today – or Click Here to get your Online Demo

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