Evaluating A Lesson Observation System

Evaluating A Lesson Observation System

Lesson observation system






When evaluating if the Observation Manager lesson observation tool would benefit your company consider the following: 

  1. Is your current teacher observation procedure as streamline and effective as it could be?
  2. Are observer’s judgments aligned to Ofsted lesson observation criteria?
  3. Is your procedure supporting staff to improve their  approaches to teaching and learning?
  4. Can you readily identify good practice?
  5. Do your observation results inform your self assessment?
  6. Can you readily find out e.g how many lessons were graded 1 an 2 in the last 3 months and/or the last date a tutor was observed?
  7. Do you use e-observations that enable judgements to be recorded electronically and automatically collated?
  8. Are the results and action points recorded in such a way they readily provide evidence to external agents of the work you are doing to continually improve your organisation’s teaching and learning?
  9. Have you got an easy to manage Lesson Observation Feedback system?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO then Observation Manager is the answer – How to Buy

For an Overview of Observation Manager (including video) take a look at this link

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