The Lesson Observation Form Is Central

A key part of the observation process is the actual form used to record the observation.  It must be clear and unambiguous in its page and section headings.  Also, given that different people, of varying levels of experience, will be looking at the form, it is vital that the data recorded follows along in a logical manner.

Shown below is part of the first page of the teacher observation form in our E-observation System called Observation Manager.  To assist in maintaining the quality and relevancy of data entered each section has a criteria box (shown below with a light blue background).  This text can be edited by the school staff member who has been appointed system admin for the software.  For all other staff the criteria are read only – so as to maintain consistency across all classroom observation forms.

This online form can be signed digitally by both the teacher and the observer and Action Points can be attached to it. Each action point has a target date and various reports and coloured flags are in place to ensure that any necessary staff follow ups can be carried out in a timely manner.  While the teacher can view all parts of the observation form he/she can only edit that section that is headed “Teacher’s Comments”.

Another key component of an observation form is that it should be a “live document” – in other words when changes and updates are made to it all concerned parties can have access to them.  This is easily achieved with an online shared resource.

For an example of the lesson observation form we use take a look at this video:

This is one of the tutorial videos which we have placed inside
Observation Manager to make it easy for new users to get up to speed quickly.

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