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9 Proven Steps to Make The Most of Lesson Observations

Lesson observations, by themselves, are not an out-of-the-box solution. Nevertheless , they can be an opportunity to officially go into classes, and make note of which educational procedures are proving to be most successful and then discover ways to develop them further – to assist improvement in student learning.  They are a lot more than […]

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What Do Staff REALLY Think About Being Observed?

  I have been giving a lot of thought to the need to be ‘singing  from the same hymn sheet’ if observations are to be effective. Agreement on the purpose, what makes good teaching and learning  and methodology is fundamental to the success of any observation process.  ‘Buy in’ and collaboration from observees are essential  and […]

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7 Tips for RECEIVING effective feedback

        How prepared are your staff to receive feedback?  Observer training is essential but it is easy to overlook the observee’s needs- feedback is for the recipient not the giver.   Improve the effectiveness of your observations  by making sure your observees  are fully prepared, engaged and motivated by the experience.  This means […]

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3 time wasters

3 Time Wasters – Some Uncomfortable Truths Here!

  3 Time Wasters commonly found in all places of work – Some Uncomfortable Truths Here!  Let me know if you agree or not in the comments below

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10 Tips To Ensure Staff Observations Improve Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  I have been considering the decision of Ofsted to stop grading individual lessons during inspections.  The reason is understandable – they did not want to give the impression that the impact of teaching, learning and assessment can be condensed into a snapshot of one lesson.  This has triggered many providers to evaluate their procedures […]

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Why Do Lesson Observations

Why Do Lesson Observations? (Find Out Here)

  Why Do Lesson Observations is a question quite a few teachers have asked over the years. Lesson Observations – Why Do Them? Our answer is that they must first and foremost be used as a means to help and improve teacher’s performance.  As long as teachers think they are being used in sone other […]

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An 11 Point Review Of Your Lesson Observation Process

    Great news! Education Secretary Damian Hinds has pledged to strip away workload that doesn’t add value in the classroom and give teachers the time to focus on teaching.  Naturally this will link with what Ofsted expects to see during an inspection of your lesson observation process. This certainly makes sense and the aim […]

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what's new in UK education

What’s New In UK Education?

What’s new in UK education?I don’t have time to keep up with everything! Don’t know what your colleagues are talking about? Make sure you don’t get behind with Education News UK! Download our free app for iPhone and Android – full details on this page The news is drawn from 14 UK Education News and […]

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